April 9 until August 30

On 9 April 2020 an exhibition about beer will open in the Amsterdam Museum.

Amsterdam today counts many artisanal breweries and Heineken is an absolute world player, but the city and its brewers share a long history. Amsterdam's earliest growth was driven by beer import rights, the Dutch East India Company and Dutch West India Company stimulated local beer production and several brewers became mayors. Beer has been the city's fuel for centuries.

The exhibition takes visitors from the present to the past: from the recent craft beer revolution that brought small breweries and specialty beers into the city, through the advance of lager in the late 19th century and the beginning of the Heinekens empire, to the beginning of Amsterdam as a staple market for German hopping beer from the 14th century onwards, which laid the foundation for great wealth. All facets of beer are covered: the ingredients and the brewing process, the trade in beer, advertising about beer, the social involvement of brewers, the changing attitude towards alcohol and, of course, the consumption of beer in pubs or sitting rooms.

Beer expert Edo Dijksterhuis has created the exhibition. In addition to Heineken, many small Amsterdam beer brewers are also involved. The exhibition can be seen until August 30, 2020.