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Hans de Tweede

Hans de Tweede is a multidisciplinary artist and poet. We asked him 5 questions based on the Amsterdam Museum's 5 keywords: Truly Amsterdam, Open, Connecting, Narrative and Relevant.


What is Amsterdam to you?

"For me, Amsterdam is a home, a playground, a place where it is easy to develop and explore new interests. For me as a child, that was very nice: if something new seemed fun to me then again, there was always someone to do it. There are many people here and therefore a great diversity. That makes it easier to find like-minded people. Especially when I went into art three years ago. Then I discovered a whole new world full of artists, incubators and art institutions. Amsterdam is also a destination that people come to for this reason."


What does open mean to you?

"I am always concerned with public space. This often brings me to the question of to what extent it is literally open and accessible. Openness among people is also crucial, of course, the ability to be completely open to the other person's perspective. We are little confronted with other opinions, views and ideologies, or forced to take them seriously. We are not often 'for' something, but quickly 'against' it. Sometimes even 'against' someone being able to be themselves in peace unfortunately."


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