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ma 1 juli 2024

Reproducing Art, Culture, and Society

In July 2024 AMJournal launches Edition #3 (online open access)

Reproductions are omnipresent. The music we listen to consists of reproductions of symphonic legacies, whilst architectural styles synthesize the cityscapes we walk through. As people we share memes, copy trends in fashion, design and speech, and value the reproduction of acts as meaningful rituals and traditions. At the same time, reproductions provoke criticisms on authenticity and originality. From a eurocentric perspective there is still a cultural emphasis on and a preference for the authentic, original, and unique. But what does it even mean to be original? How do authenticity and reproduction influence us as modern-day consumers in and of the city? Can we measure the worth of reproductions? To answer such questions, the third edition of the online, open access, peer reviewed Amsterdam Museum Journal (AMJournal) aims to contribute to the understanding of (re)production as it increasingly becomes a part of our daily lives. 

Edition Editors

Guest Editors
Liselore Tissen and Tom van der Molen

Emma van Bijnen

Board of Editors
Emma van Bijnen
Judith van Gent
Vanessa Vroon-Najem

External Board of Editors
The editorial board is supplemented by an extensive international external editorial board comprised of scholars from various academic fields and disciplines:
Pablo Ampuero Ruiz; Rowan Arundel; Sruti Bala; Markus Balkenhol; Christian Bertram; Stephan Besser; Carolyn Birdsall; Cristobal Bonelli; Pepijn Brandon; Petra Brouwer; Chiara de Cesari; Debbie Cole; Leonie Cornips; Annet Dekker; Christine Delhaye; Karwan Fatah-Black; Maaike Feitsma; Wouter van Gent; Javier Gimeno Martinez; Sara Greco; Laura van Hasselt; Gian-Louis Hernandez; Pim Huijnen; Julian Isenia; Paul Knevel; Gregor Langfeld; Mia Lerm-Hayes; Virginie Mamadouh; Julia Noordegraaf; Esther Peeren; Gertjan Plets; Menno Reijven; Jan Rock; Noa Roei; Margriet Schavemaker; Steven Schouten; Irene Stengs; Eliza Steinbock; Dimitris Serafis; Sanjukta Sunderason; Rebecca Venema; Tim Verlaan; Janessa Vleghert; Daan Wesselman; meLê yamomo; Mia You; Emilio Zucchetti 

Author Guidelines

Before submitting a text, check the AMJournal author guidelines.

Download Author Guidelines

Author Terms and Conditions

All authors must agree to, and adhere to, the AMJournal author terms and conditions.

Download Terms and Conditions

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