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Afdruk van Prent Henriette de Vries uit het stadsarchief


The Amsterdam of Piet van Eeghen

How A Merchant Changed the City

29 Mar - 30 Jun 2024
Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel

    Women of Amsterdam - an ode

    Co-write history so together we can make it richer

    100 vrouwen, 2023, Hedy Tjin

    Will you participate?

    Were you aware that history is mostly told from a male perspective? The Amsterdam Museum believes it is high time to change this, with your help. By making an ode to a woman who has contributed significantly to Amsterdam, you can enrich the city’s history! This ode will become part of the Amsterdam Museum’s collection. We will create an exhibition using the most outstanding contributions, as well as a book, performance, podcasts, and a television series.

    Leading by example are Lize Korpershoek, Hedy d’Ancona, Imane Valk, Tammie Schoots, and Ellen Brudet, who have already written an ode.

    Read the ode by Lize Korpershoek

    Women from now and then

    Women are important to the story of the city of Amsterdam. Both in the present and the past. But these stories are not always told, and their names are not always mentioned. Did you know the Amsterdamse Bos was designed by a woman? Perhaps your mother or grandmother also made a difference to the city. The Amsterdam Museum is seeking these stories! With your help, we hope to write more women into the history of Amsterdam by creating an ode - a letter, video, sound recording, photograph, drawing, poem, or other format - to a woman who has a connection with Amsterdam.

    Hedy d'Ancona, 2023, Francoise Bolechowski

    Writing an ode

    Who should not be missing from the history books? A woman who lived in, built on, and cared for Amsterdam and its inhabitants—whether it was a few centuries ago or just last month. A woman who arrived here from far away, or actually from nearby. A woman who inspires you and deserves to be recognized. View tips.

    What should I consider?

    • The format is open: a text, a video, an audio recording, etc. Type a letter or write one by hand. Interview your aunt while making a video, or compose a poem. Pictures are also welcome. View tips.
    • Anyone is welcome to make an ode, no matter how you identify - not just those who identify as a woman.
    • Your ode can be about any woman* who helped make the city what it is today: known or unknown, from the mayor to your neighbor, and from either the past or the present. 
    • An important part of your ode is the connection with Amsterdam. Women who lived in Amsterdam, who in some way created or contributed to the city. This could also be your Turkish grandmother, who has never been to Amsterdam herself, but who somehow helps shape your life in this city. Not sure about your choice? Contact us!
    • Do you want to recognize someone you know personally? Ask her permission before sharing her story.
    • You may praise someone, but you can of course offer criticism, too. Please note that offensive and insulting submissions will not be accepted. Check our conditions.

    *Anyone who identifies as being a woman, is gender-variant, or has played a role in the emancipation of women is eligible for an ode.

    If everyone makes an ode about a woman of the city, we can enrich the city’s history.

    Hedy d'Ancona, 2024, Francoise Bolechowski

    Hedy d'Ancona

    My mother will become part of the history of Amsterdam, which makes me very proud!

    Ellen Brudet, 2024, Francoise Bolechowski

    Ellen Brudet


    Sharing stories about women is important, because it inspires others and gives them a role model.

    Imane Valk, 2024, Francoise Bolechowski

    Imane Valk

    Kinderrechten ambassadeur

    It’s high time we bring women out of the shadows of history.

    Lize Korpershoek, 2024, Francoise Bolechowski

    Lize Korpershoek

    Documentaire, illustratie

    I believe this project’s strength lies in the active search for women from the history of Amsterdam, which brings awareness about them to a wider audience.

    Eva Bartels fotograaf Mikailia Peterson cut

    Eva Bartels

    Actrice, theatermaker

    Through this ode to my grandmother, I hope that her life and entrepreneurship will not be forgotten and that she contributes to a more layered picture of Amsterdam’s history.

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    Margriet Schavemaker

    Artistic Director

    Acknowledging women throughout history contributes to broadening the evolution of our collective identity.

    Maren de Wit

    Maren de Wit

    Conservator Amsterdam Museum

    Lize Korpershoek, 2024, Francoise Bolechowski
    Hedy d'Ancona, 2024, Francoise Bolechowski
    Tammie Schoots, 2024, Francoise Bolechowski
    Imane Valk, 2024, Francoise Bolechowski
    Ellen Brudet, 2024, Francoise Bolechowski



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    Illustratie: Hedy Tjin

    Collaboration as a partner

    Wokshops, activate your network and more

    Are you enthusiastic about this project and eager to work together? Besides creating an ode, there are other ways you can collaborate.

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