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Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam?

The Indigenous Story Behind New York

16 May - 10 Nov 2024
Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel

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Education and participation for everyone

We stand for anyone who feels a connection with Amsterdam, whether in the Netherlands or in the rest of the world. We regard our highly diverse city with an open mind. We believe it is important to be both literally and figuratively available for everyone. Which is why, publicly and behind the scenes, we are continuously working on building an inclusive organization.

Experimentation, research, and innovation are at the heart of our overall approach. Whether you live in Amsterdam or are visiting the city, we try to inspire everyone in some way, both offline and online. In our approach, we try to make connections which are not always obvious at first glance, but are certainly present. We are looking for those deeper layers and connections.

Through participation and co-creation, we arrive at new insights together, which we translate into knowledge and convey as new forms. We ensure in this way that everyone feels welcome, seen, and heard in the museum. Every story is important, along with the different layers of the city’s history, which is why we make space for these perspectives. Together with our partners throughout the city, we collect and share these stories, so they are available and preserved for everyone.

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Voorgezet Onderwijs, fotograaf: onbekend.
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Fotograaf: Vincent van den Brink.
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