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Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam?

The Indigenous Story Behind New York

16 May - 10 Nov 2024
Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel

    The Willet-Holthuysen House

    The Willet-Holthuysen House

    A canal house, rich with period rooms and stories

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    Huis Willet-Holthuysen
    The Willet-Holthuysen House

    The Willet-Holthuysen House

    Step into the past within the impressive Willet-Holthuysen House in the center of Amsterdam. This double mansion on the Herengracht contains many period rooms, spaces seemingly frozen in time. Every six months an exhibition by a contemporary maker is also held here, while the French-style garden remains a calm oasis in the midst of the bustling canal belt.

    You can get your free audio tour at the entrance. The audio tour is available in Dutch, English, French and German.

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    Abraham and Louisa

    The house takes its name from the couple who lived there in the late 19th century, Abraham Willet and Louisa Holthuysen. They collected numerous artworks and objects, while the interior was designed to suit their taste. Even then, such extravagance was regarded as reminiscent of a romantic past. For the couple, the interior was the perfect way to share their taste and wealth with others. 

    Upon her death in 1895, Louisa Holthuysen gave the house and collection to the city of Amsterdam, with the provision that it should be made into a museum. More than a century later, the Willet-Holthuysen House is still open to visitors. Currently, it is one of the locations of the Amsterdam Museum.

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    Huis Willet-Holthuysen tuin, 2023, Monique Vermeulen

    Guided tours on request

    Maximum of 15 persons (2 supervisors per group for school classes)

    Learn more about this special building and its residents. You hear about the life of the Willet-Holthuysen couple, but also about the daily activities of the servants. We bring the period rooms of the canal house to life and take you along the stately ballroom, the monumental staircase, the canal garden and the rich art collection of Abraham Willet. You can book group tours via

    House of Vineyard, 2023, Bete van Meeuwen

    Leading makers

    Every half year, the Willet-Holthuysen House offers space to a prominent creator or collector for the creation of an exhibition. In this third edition, the exhibition is co-curated by House of Vineyard, the first ballroom house in the Netherlands. In the rooms of the Willet-Holthuysen House, House of Vineyard exposes the power of ballroom culture with radical fashion interventions and art installations. The exhibition Grand March: A Historic House through a Ballroom Lens is on display from December 2nd till May 26.

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    Grachtentuin Huis Willet-Holthuysen

    Grachtentuin Huis Willet-Holthuysen

    Muurpaneel Huis Willet-Holthuysen
    Tuinkamer Huis Willet-Holthuysen
    Louisa Holthuysen
    Abraham Willet
    Grachtentuin Huis Willet-Holthuysen
    Keuken Huis Willet-Holthuysen



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    The Willet-Holthuysen House is located on the Herengracht. The Amsterdam canals belong to the UNESCO World Heritage. Unfortunately, the historical building is not accessible to wheelchair users and mobility scooters due to the many stairs and lack of an elevator. We are currently investigating the possibilities of making The Willet-Holthuysen House more accessible for everyone.

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