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Afdruk van Prent Henriette de Vries uit het stadsarchief


The Amsterdam of Piet van Eeghen

How A Merchant Changed the City

29 Mar - 30 Jun 2024
Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel

    23 Feb 2024 - 5 Jan 2025

    Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel

    Kazerne Reigersbos

    Collecting the City #4

    Collage Future Tellers, Thaniel Owusu Agyemang (2003) en Jaer Voggeland (2000)

    23 Feb 2024 - 5 Jan 2025

    Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel

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    Collecting the City is an exhibition series in which the Amsterdam Museum, in collaboration with various communities and organizations, “collects” and presents the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Each edition consists of a few mini-expos that together form a single exhibition.

    This fourth edition we present the small exhibition Kazerne Reigersbos in which five young creators talk about their neighborhood in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

    Portret gemaakt door Thaniel Owusu Agyemang, 2023.

    An important place in Zuidoost

    Reigersbos is a park-like neighborhood in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Its single-family homes with gardens are popular with couples raising their children, and many creatives from the younger generation are active there, too. They all enjoy living in this area but agree with the municipality that there is work to be done. The public green spaces, playgrounds, and sports fields need a facelift, and in some places they even feel unsafe. Besides that, there is a shortage of housing for younger inhabitants and the elderly, and the neighborhood lacks certain amenities, such as a meeting spot for young people and locals.

    Responding to this lack, the neighborhood initiative Kazerne Reigersbos was launched in 2020. A group of local residents got permission from the municipality to temporarily convert a former fire station into something for the neighborhood. It has since grown into a cultural center and creative incubator, with studios for entrepreneurs, artists, and cultural organizations. In addition, the building houses a music production studio, neighborhood workspace, (community) stage, local kitchen, coffee bar, gym, and coworking spaces.

    Portret gemaakt door Thaniel Owusu Agyemang, 2023.


    According to its initiators, this spot has become essential, and they hope they can stay. This exhibition makes clear why. A film shows the reasons behind the Kazerne’s establishment and what kind of role the venue has come to play in the neighborhood. In the second room is a workspace for the Future Tellers project. During the coming year, as part of this project, a group of young makers from the Kazerne are actively creating an art installation. Through this they will share their future vision of their neighborhood.

    Twee Future Tellers, 2024, fotograaf: Francoise Bolechowski.
    Kazerne Reigersbos, 2024, fotograaf: Francoise Bolechowski.
    Kazerne Reigersbos, 2024, fotograaf: Francoise Bolechowski.
    Kazerne Reigersbos, 2024, fotograaf: Francoise Bolechowski.



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    Collecting the City #4

    Until 2025, this is where the Amsterdam Museum will 'collect' and present our vibrant city, in collaboration with various parties and groups in the city. During this period, neighborhood museums, community networks, local artists, and passionate residents will share objects and stories about Amsterdam. Every half year, new contributors are invited to showcase their ideas—whether it’s a fresh perspective on the past, a beautiful or painful moment in the present, or a new vision of the city for the future. The Museum om de Hoek foundation, comprising 23 local museums throughout Amsterdam, is a permanent partner in this endeavor. They have a total of three rooms at their disposal.

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    Made possible in part by

    The exhibition is made possible by the VSBfonds, Kazerne Reigersbos and Het Cultuurfonds.

    The Amsterdam Museum is structurally supported by Main Beneficiary Gemeente Amsterdam, Founder VriendenLoterij and Main Partner Education ELJA Foundation.

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