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House of Vineyard, 2023, Bete van Meeuwen

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Grand March

A Historic House through a Ballroom Lens

2 Dec - 26 May 2024
The Willet-Holthuysen House

    25 Sep - 21 May 2023

    Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel

    Homage to Zubrowka, the Club RoXY Muse

    Collecting the City #2

    Zubrowka Cleo Campert

    25 Sep - 21 May 2023

    Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel

    Homage to Zubrowka

    In the second edition of Collecting the City, one of the themes is Club RoXY. The iconic house club that was home to many kinds of people and burned down in 1999. Cleo Campert was a house photographer and photographed and filmed a lot in the 80s and 90s. In this small exhibition she shares her memories. In two halls Campert shows an homage to Club RoXY and to performing artist Zubrowka International.

    This small exhibition is part of the Collecting the City project. Together with communities, individuals and institutions from Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Museum 'collects' and presents the stories and objects of today's city.

    Zubrowka, fotograaf: Cleo Campert

    Experience Club RoXY

    Are you nostalgic for the iconic club or have you even never been there? This is your chance. Campert uses videos and audio cassettes from her own archive to recreate those endless nights of wild partying, full of creativity and self-expression. The RoXY was a idyllic refuge for anyone who wanted to escape the gray outside world. A silent disco brings the club’s unique atmosphere to life.

    Ode aan Zubrowka de Muze van Club RoXY Foto: Inez Agnese

    The muse Zubrowka

    Campert’s second installation focuses on the people who made Club RoXY so special, and performing artist Zubrowka in particular. Her funny, flamboyant appearances, embodying the club’s free-spirited ethos, are recalled in a series of photos, her throne, and peepshow boxes.

    Club RoXY through the eyes of...


    Collecting the City #2

    Until 2025, this is where the Amsterdam Museum and members of our vibrant city will present and “collect” the city. During that time, many neighborhood museums, community networks, local artists, and enthusiastic residents will share objects and stories about Amsterdam.

    Every six months, new contributors are invited to showcase their ideas—whether that is a perspective on the past, a beautiful or painful moment in the present, or a vision of the city for the future. One permanent partner that will be occupying three rooms is the foundation of Museum om de Hoek, which includes 23 neighborhood museums scattered throughout Amsterdam.

    Made possible by

    VSBfonds, Gemeente Amsterdam and Cleo Campert Photography.

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