Panorama Amsterdam

A Living History of the City

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About the exhibition

Panorama Amsterdam reveals the many facets of the city. What are the foremost characteristics that define Amsterdam? And has it always been that way? How will the city continue to develop? By connecting stories from the past, present, and future, a broader perspective of the city emerges: Amsterdam, in all its dimensions.

The first part of the exhibition is a chronological history of Amsterdam, from the 16th century until today. The second part addresses what is important to the city as it is now. This covers themes and subjects that are not (yet) part of the traditional canon. We are constantly gathering not only the history but also the present and future of the city. Because history is being written at every moment.

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Discover Panorama Amsterdam

Panorama Amsterdam presents a broad selection from our collection, including:

  • From the oldest city map (dated 1538!) to modern street art from Kamp Seedorf
  • From a medieval statue of Mary and Jesus, whose faces were scratched off during the iconoclastic fury of 1566, to memories of 1960s counterculture
  • From 17th-century civic guard portraits to Natasja Kensmil’s contemporary paintings of the regentesses who lived in the same period
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Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel

Amstel 51, Amsterdam

Opening Hours
Open daily from 10.00 until 17.00.

How to get there
The museum is easily accessible by public transport: Tram 4 (stop Rembrandtplein) and 14 (stop Waterlooplein) Metro 51, 53 and 54 (stop Waterlooplein, exit Nieuwe Herengracht).

Nearest parking garages are: Nationale Opera & Ballet, Waterlooplein, The Bank and Markenhoven. For more information, please visit

Guided Tour Panorama Amsterdam

Themes such as science, trade, women's emancipation, the Second World War, protests, Ajax, migration and sexual freedom are among those discussed during this tour.

The Amsterdam Museum manages more than 100,000 objects, collected over almost five centuries. Works of art and historical objects have been commissioned, donated or purchased by the city council and municipal institutions, by wealthy citizens and, of course, by the museum itself since its establishment in 1926. Beginning in the 16th century, you will hear chronologically about the history of Amsterdam up to the present. In the 'laboratory' in the middle of the room, you will zoom in on themes that are closely linked to the city, but which do not always belong to the traditional, 'great' history.

Reservations are required. You can book a tour by emailing or calling 020 523 1720. A maximum of 15 visitors can take part in each tour.

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Queer Gaze Tour

In this tour, by means of various artworks and objects, we will go through Amsterdam's LGBTIQ+-history and reflect on our collection with you. Which queer-related stories do you think should not be missing in the Amsterdam Museum? We will share stories of inequality, injustice and oppression as well as stories of pride, collectivity and activism.

Reservations are required. You can book a tour by emailing or calling 020 523 1720. A maximum of 15 visitors can take part in each tour.

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