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About us

The Amsterdam Museum, founded in 1926, is an innovative city museum that invites residents and visitors of Amsterdam to become co-owners of our city - a metropolis in miniature. We do this by celebrating the city, but also by discussing its lesser aspects and exploring what could be improved.

Our story

We present exhibitions on a wide range of urban issues. We share knowledge, show art and heritage, and tell relevant stories - past, present and future. Historical and contemporary stories that make the city what it is, in all its forms. We do this at our museum locations in the historic city centre - the Amsterdam Museum Wing at the Hermitage, House Willet-Holthuysen and the soon to be completely renovated Burgerweeshuis complex. And we also do this together with partners at locations in city districts such as Nieuw-West, Zuidoost and Noord.

We manage, research and make accessible the more than 100,000 objects in our art and heritage collection. The museum manages this collection, which is largely owned by the city of Amsterdam and therefore also by its residents, so that it remains permanently available as a source for new presentations, research and inspiration. We also actively expand the collection through co-creation and participatory collection projects, in which intangible heritage and digitally collected stories play a growing role. In addition, we focus on commissioning work from contemporary makers. By expanding our collection in this way, we are offering new perspectives on the existing collection and working towards an inclusive Amsterdam collection for today's museum-goers, with a focus on future generations.

We tell meaningful stories with our public education programme and encourage others to tell stories as well, with a growing focus on children and young people. We do this in the museum itself and at other locations in the city. We organise educational programmes, guided tours, lectures and talk shows. As multimedia storytellers, we develop television programmes, podcasts and documentaries. In all of this, we work with a diverse group of makers and partners to provide a multi-voiced voice and platform for the city's many communities. Based on our intrinsic trust in co-creation and participation, we make connections, share our knowledge and take our responsibility as a network organisation in the urban ecosystem, and beyond on a national and international level.

Our mission

We connect residents and visitors of Amsterdam with each other and with the city. We do this by programming, presenting and collecting Amsterdam's objects and stories.

Our vision

For centuries, Amsterdam has been a city that has attracted people from all over the world. The city has always been renowned as a place to live, work and be free, attracting new residents and visitors. The result is a dynamic, multi-voiced and opinionated city that is never finished.

On the eve of its 750th anniversary, the city is bigger than ever and that brings with it metropolitan challenges, like those faced by all major cities at home and abroad. Amsterdammers are facing challenges around climate, inequality, tourism, housing shortage, welfare and a pandemic. The city changes with them. The quality of life in the city, the cohesion between its residents and the relationship with its visitors are all under pressure.

As a safe public place, the Amsterdam Museum contributes to strengthening the sense of unity among Amsterdam's residents and visitors by making the city's history, heritage, art, culture and stories audible, visible and shareable. In this way, residents and visitors can jointly shape a better city for everyone. In this way, we can discuss who we are, were and will be in a beautiful, robust and diverse city that faces tough challenges in this millennium.

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Het Amsterdam Museum is van iedereen die zich verbonden voelt met Amsterdam – in Nederland en de rest van de wereld.



The Amsterdam Museum is open all year round and aims to be a place where everyone feels welcome. We look at our super-diverse urban society with an open mind. As a public organisation, we account transparently for our projects and processes. Moreover, we are constantly working on becoming an inclusive organisation - in front of and behind the scenes - so that we can be accessible to everyone, both literally and figuratively.

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The Amsterdam Museum involves the entire city in its activities. We focus on a broad public from the city, the Netherlands and the world. We are a network museum, working together with institutions, makers and involved citizens on the basis of trust and equality. We use co-creation and co-production as fundamental principles, create space, and take our responsibility as a central and inclusive institution in the Amsterdam art, culture and heritage sector. "The Amsterdam Museum tells stories - about the past, present and future. We do this with a leading and growing heritage and art collection, multi-layered and multi-voiced exhibitions and high-profile public, participation and education programmes.

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The Amsterdam Museum tells stories - about the past, present and future. We do this with a leading and growing heritage and art collection, multi-layered and multi-voiced exhibitions and much-talked-about public, participation and education programmes.

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The Amsterdam Museum wants to contribute to a livable city for everyone by making everything that is going on in the city today and in the future debatable. We want to promote mutual understanding by sharing knowledge and meaningful stories. As one of the guardians of the city's heritage, we act as a source of questions and fuel the social debate by questioning history and the present from new critical perspectives.

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