Applying for a loan

The Amsterdam Museum gladly cooperates in realizing exhibitions at other museums, institutions, and organizations by loaning objects from the collection. Each year, the museum loans hundreds of works to national and international institutions. In order to make this procedure as efficient as possible, we request that any applications for loans follow the guidelines below.

Loan applications must be submitted by post or email at least six months prior to the proposed start date of the loan:

Amsterdam Museum, for the attention of Ms J. Kiers, director
New postal address: Herengracht 603 1017 CE Amsterdam, or via
Mail address:

The request should contain the following information:

  • Title of the exhibition or presentation
  • Start and end dates of the exhibition or presentation
  • Brief motivation
  • Name and address of the institution requesting the loan
  • Location where the exhibition or presentation will be held (including any cooperation partners)
  • Object details of the works to be loaned: inventory number, artist, title, year.

These details can be found in the Collection Online. Please enclose a recent facilities report and contact if you have any questions.

Costs of loaning

The following costs are charged for a loan.

For museum institutions:

All out of pocket costs resulting from the loan are to be borne by the borrower. For example: Drawing up a condition report upon departure and return of the loan on the basis of actual costs (approx. €125.00 per object);

  • All out-of-pocket costs arising from the loan will be billed to the borrower. For example: drawing up a condition report on a loan’s departure and return are based on actual costs (approx. €125.00 per object).
  • If not enough staff is available at the Amsterdam Museum to process the loan, additional staff will be hired, upon agreement;
  • Possible conservation and restoration measures, upon agreement of costs;
  • Insurance premium, to be arranged by the borrower;
  • Packaging and transportation;
  • Supervision of transport and provision of courier;
  • Within the Netherlands: travel expenses;
  • Outside the Netherlands: per diem travel expenses and hotel;
  • Other costs may apply to long-term loans.

For non-museum institutions
The conditions and costs for institutions other than museums will be examined on a per application basis.

A PDF of the conditions for loaning can be downloaded here.