Opening Amsterdam Museum

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9 March, 2022
Amstel 51

Amsterdam Museum aan de Amstel Foto Amsterdam Museum Gert Jan van Rooij

Update 8 March

This Wednesday, March 9, in consultation with the Hermitage, the Amsterdam Museum will open the doors of its new temporary home at the Hermitage building on the Amstel to the public.

The grand opening that had been planned for this past Saturday was called off by the museum. "In the coming time, I look forward to working with Museum van de Geest and the Hermitage Amsterdam on an engaging interpretation of this beautiful building,” says Judikje Kiers, director of the Amsterdam Museum.

During the multiyear restoration and renovation of the museum’s premises at the Burgerweeshuis (the former City Orphanage), which is already undergoing preparations for the project, the Amsterdam Museum is putting a completely new collection presentation on display in the Amsterdam Museum wing that, besides relating the traditional history of Amsterdam, also offers plenty of space for other voices and lesser-known and more recent histories of the city.

In addition, residents and lovers of the city are given the opportunity to show “their” Amsterdam in a series of changing exhibitions. Through a combination of well-known objects from the collection and new or less familiar works, the Amsterdam Museum’s temporary location will impart a polyvocal story to visitors, emphasizing that there is more than just a single history of the city.

The Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel will open its doors to visitors on Wednesday, March 9, at 10 a.m. Thereafter it is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Update 3 March

Update March 3, 2022: We have just received the news that the Hermitage Amsterdam has declared that it is breaking off relations with Russia. This is a big and incredibly profound step.

Statement 2 March

The Amsterdam Museum has decided to keep the doors of its new temporary home in the Hermitage building closed until further notice. The opening, which was planned for Saturday, March 5, is canceled due to the war in Ukraine and the sentiment about these grievous events within the city and across the entire country.

“The war in Ukraine has terrible consequences for many people. We believe a celebratory opening this weekend would be inappropriate, especially in light of the actions in support of Ukraine throughout the country,” explains Judikje Kiers, director of the Amsterdam Museum, about the decision. “In addition, the ties that the Hermitage Amsterdam has with Russia are plainly evident and remain too ambiguous for our comfort. The Hermitage has been unable to alleviate our concerns in this regard. Which is also a reason for us to suspend the launch and opening of the Amsterdam Museum wing in the Hermitage building at this moment.”

Margriet Schavemaker, artistic director of the Amsterdam Museum, adds: “We stand fully behind our new collection presentation and the temporary exhibitions, which deal with decolonization, making space for others, and promoting equality. We have also set up a space where visitors can share their stories about Ukraine and reactions to the war, as well as other conflicts around the world. It is truly regrettable that the opening must be suspended.

The Amsterdam Museum expressly emphasizes its support for all the victims of this war.