Information for journalists

This page is intended for journalists. Here you will find press releases, information about our museum, and information on requesting a press visit and photo and visual material.

For all questions and requests, please contact the press department of the Amsterdam Museum (if necessary, also outside office hours).

Kim Koopman, press officer

+31 (0)6 22 92 77 29

Press Requests

Press is welcome to visit our locations. However, free admission is only possible after registration and accreditation by the press department. The museum's box office staff cannot grant free admission on the basis of press cards, business cards or other (media) passes. If you would like to visit (and possibly be accompanied), please contact the press department. If you wish to take photographs or make use of visual material, you must ask the press department for permission at least two days in advance.

Visual material

Visual material of the museum, the exhibitions and the collection is available online. Take a look at our online image collection. If the image you want is not there, please contact the press department and we will do our best to provide you with the desired image.

Recent Press Releases

03.01.2023 New handcraft exhibition in Amsterdam Museum (pdf)

29.11.2022 Amsterdam Museum acquires artwork by Aukje Dekker (pdf)

12.09.2022 Gold of Golden Coach originates from Suriname (pdf)

07.09.2022 The Maasdamme Collection: Scenes from the colonial past (pdf)

31.08.2022 Second edition exhibition Collecting the City to open (pdf)

28.07.2022 Upcoming exhibitions in the Amsterdam Museum (pdf)

31.05.2022 Open House at the three museums on the Amstel (pdf)

08.03.2022 Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel open to visitors from Wednesday, March 9 (pdf)

02.03.2022 Amsterdam Museum suspends opening of temporary home at the Hermitage (pdf)

28.02.2022 Amsterdam Museum presenting revamped museum brand (pdf)

25.01.2022 Amsterdam Museum relocates temorarily to the Amstel (pdf)

18.02.2022 The Amsterdam Museum is renewing (pdf)

15.11.2021 Symposium: The Future of (Dutch) Colonial Past 26 & 27 nov (pdf)

05.07.2021 Freethinkers: From Spinoza to now - Exhibition opens September 5 (pdf)

23.06.2021 Contemporary art takes spotlight in Golden Coach exhibition (pdf)

17.06.2021 Exhibition The Golden Coach opened by the King (pdf)

01.06 2021 Amsterdam Museum reopens its doors (pdf)

31.05.2021 Exhibition Refresh Amsterdam extended until 25 July (pdf)

26.05.2021 King to open exhibition Golden Coach (pdf)

10.03.2021 Amsterdam Museum presents The Golden Coach Exhibition (pdf)

04.02.2021 Design of the new Amsterdam Museum (pdf)