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Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam?

The Indigenous Story Behind New York

16 May - 10 Nov 2024
Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel


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    Our main benefactors

    The Amsterdam Museum is primarily supported by the Municipality of Amsterdam and the VriendenLoterij.

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    Main benefactor

    The Municipality of Amsterdam

    The Municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Museum have a long history of cooperation. The museum (at the time, the Amsterdam Historical Museum) iss founded in 1926 as a municipal institution. The museum became independent in 2009, but continued to manage a large part of the collection of the city of Amsterdam. More information about the Amsterdam collection.

    The Amsterdam Museum is part of the Amsterdamse Basisinfrastructuur (the base infrastructure of Amsterdam) within the Kunstenplan 2021-2024 (the art plan of the municipality for 2021–2024). This structure offers the museum indispendable financial support for research, conservation, and presentation of the collection.

    The museum also works closely with the Municipality of Amsterdam for the renovation of the new Amsterdam Museum.

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    The VriendenLoterij supports organizations in the fields of culture, sports and welfare that work to make daily happiness possible for everyone. Participants can choose which organization or institution they play for and have an immediate chance to win great prizes. At least 40% of the lottery prize goes to 60 cultural partners and nearly 3,500 charities, clubs and associations. The VriendenLoterij has supported the Amsterdam Museum since 2006. The lottery's structural contribution is essential to the execution of the exhibitions we realize every year for a wide audience and of the upcoming renovation of our main location on the Kalverstraat

    Earmarked participation

    Would you like to participate in the VriendenLoterij while also supporting the Amsterdam Museum? That’s possible! You can allocate your VriendenLoterij tickets to the Amsterdam Museum. Then 40% of your investment will go directly to the museum’s projects and exhibitions. Besides supporting your self-chosen charity or cultural partner, you will receive a personal VIP Card that allows you to visit more than 150 museums for free and receive up to 50% discount on numerous days and nights out. From cinema and dance to musicals, zoos and opera. Register for earmarked participation via this link. Already playing the lottery? You can adjust your membership by contacting the VriendenLoterij customer service.

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    Main Partner Education

    ELJA Foundation

    In collaboration with ELJA Foundation, the Amsterdam Museum is organizing a groundbreaking and innovative program in which children play a major role. Part of this is a Children's Museum.

    During LAB sessions, children from all seven districts and the Amsterdam metropolitan area, together with museum staff, are laying the foundations for this children's museum. They also create artworks together with well-known artists from Amsterdam that reflect on their life in the city.

    These artworks are presented in a so-called Children's Route that runs right through all of Amsterdam's districts. Residents and visitors will learn more about what occupies the children of Amsterdam. All the artworks together will then be exhibited in the Amsterdam Museum and become part of the collection. In addition to these LAB sessions, a Children's Sounding Board with a Children's Director will be appointed to help think about the new Amsterdam Museum.

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    Main Partners

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    Main Partner Education

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