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House of Vineyard, 2023, Bete van Meeuwen

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Grand March

A Historic House through a Ballroom Lens

2 Dec - 26 May 2024
The Willet-Holthuysen House

    Nasam Abboud, Yazan Maksoud & Roua Jafar

    Nasam Abboud, Yazan Maksoud & Roua Jafar

    Photo by Eva Roefs, 2023

    Nasam Abboud

    Nasam Abboud (Hama, Syria, 1991) is an interdisciplinary artist and curator. Abboud’s work focuses on the intimate mechanisms of contemporary art and its political power for social change. An important theme in her work is cultural and social exclusion and alienation within urban societies, specifically in relation to inhabitants and newcomers from Islamic countries and the cruelty that can be associated with such tendencies. Abboud obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Damascus University and is currently working on a Master in Art & Society at Utrecht University.

    Website Nasam

    Yazan Maksoud

    Yazan Maksoud (Damascus, Syria, 1988) has developed a visual language at the intersection of sculpting and design. Together with Nasam Abboud, he forms one half of the artistic duo N&Y. Fascinated by the phenomenon of patriarchy and its effect on society, his artistic practice centers on calling stereotypical images of women into question. His work is aimed at contributing to a more harmonious society. Like Abboud, Maksoud holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Damascus University.

    Website Yazan

    Roua Jafar

    Roua Jafar (Salamiyah, Syria, 1989) is a multidisciplinary artist and has lived in Amsterdam since 2017. Jafar’s work is very personal, intimate, and autobiographical. She draws inspiration from memories and experiences, but her artistic vision also relies on mythology, folklore, music, literature, and nature. Jafar started out making prints and has since added installations, spoken word, visual storytelling, and performance art to her work. Jafar also received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Damascus University.

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