Group visits & Tours

Groups are welcome to visit the Amsterdam Museum on their own or with a guided tour.

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Educatie en participatie voor iedereen

We are there for everyone that feels connected with Amsterdam, in the Netherlands as well as the rest of the world. We look at our super-diverse urban society with an open mind. In front and behind the scenes, we are constantly working to be an inclusive organization, in order to be literally and figuratively accessible to everyone.

To achieve this we conduct experiments, investigations, and innovations that are central to our way of working. From Amsterdam resident to visitor, we try to inspire everyone in an attainable way, be it offline or online. With this, we try to make connections that may not always be obvious at first sight.

Together, we try to gain and develop new insights in order to transfer knowledge in innovative ways. We strive for everyone to feel welcome with us, both in relation to the city and to the eventful histories of Amsterdam. There is room to post your stories, find your narrative, and feel heard and seen. There is room to connect with the people that share their stories and there are partnerships throughout the whole city that secure and anchor this connection.

Groups and tours

The Amsterdam Museum offers various guided tours for groups, allowing you to get to know the museum and its collection even better. A guided tour lasts on average one hour and costs € 70.- per museum docent (excluding entrance fee). A museum educator guides a maximum of 15 visitors, but several museum educators can be booked upon request.

For more information please email

Want to book directly? You can, at least two weeks in advance. Please note: The costs for the tours do not include VAT.

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Guided tour for the deaf and hard of hearing

Get a guided tour by a museum teacher in Dutch Sign Language. Now also available in our museum wing at the Hermitage Amsterdam.As of 2018, the Amsterdam Museum is involved in the Musea in Gebaren programme. Are you deaf or hard of hearing and would you like to learn more about the city of Amsterdam? Then come to our guided tour especially for deaf and hard of hearing visitors. The museum docent brings the city's history to life in Dutch Sign Language. Your friends, family and companions are of course also welcome.

Jesper Bril

Guided tours for people with visual impairments

Learn more about our collection and get a guided tour by an experienced museum educator who brings the history and stories of Amsterdam to life through sound, smell and touch. Are you blind or partially sighted and would you like to learn more about our collection? Then come to our guided tour especially for visitors with visual impairments. Your friends, family and companions are of course also very welcome. Smelling, feeling and listening are even more important in this tour. Registered assistance dogs are allowed, unfortunately pets are not allowed.

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Female Gaze Tours

Through various stories, artworks and objects, visitors are introduced to the rich past and present of Amsterdam's women.

We dive into the past with well-known women such as Aletta Jacobs and Thérèse Schwartze, but also meet lesser-known women such as Sara de Swart, sculptor and art collector who was part of the literary movement of the Tachtigers and supported many women from that movement financially. She travelled extensively with her companion Emilie van Kerckhoff, including to the Dutch East Indies. Sophia Adriana Lopez Suasso-de Bruijn and Louisa Willet-Holthuysen are also discussed on the basis of their work and donations. In addition, we will look at the feminist movement in the twentieth century, the inequality in the emancipation struggle of white and black women and we will look at the present with the works of Amsterdam artists Naomie Pieter, Willemieke Kars and Fong Leng.

Jesper Kusjes

Queer Gaze Tours

Through various stories, artworks and objects, visitors are introduced to the rich past and present of Amsterdam's LGBTQI+ community.

Museum docents who are part of various Amsterdam LGBTQI+ movements will tell their stories with works of art and objects from the Amsterdam Museum collection. Attention is paid to works of art and objects that explicitly give visibility to the LGBTQI+ community. Take for example the coffin that was carried during the Black Pride demonstration in 2020. After the moving ceremony, the coffin was inscribed with the names of victims of racist and queerphobic violence - a celebration of life and death.

In addition, artworks and objects in which the relationship with the LGBTQI+ community is not immediately visible will be considered. Think of the paintings that depict the city hall. What not every history book mentions is that in the 18th century, the administrative heart of the city also functioned as a meeting place for men. In this way, the tour covers various histories and icons of Amsterdam's LGBT+ community. Stories of inequality, injustice and oppression and stories of pride, collectivity and activism.