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Collecting the City #2

25 September 2022 t/m 21 May 2023
Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel

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Collecting the City #2: Operation Living

In this second edition of Collecting the City we will look back on a century of housing in Amsterdam. In Operation Living you can see the development of housing situations in certain Amsterdam neighborhoods and zoom in on the current housing crisis. Is there a difference in how you want to live and how you actually can live? And what is the solution for this issue?

This small exhibition opens on September 25 and is part of the Collecting the City project. Together with communities, individuals and institutions from Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Museum 'collects' and presents the stories and objects of today's city. For this exhibition we work together with Museum Amsterdam Noord, Historisch Archief De Baarsjes, the Van Eesteren Museum, and the Borneo Architectuur Centrum.

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Critical reflection on housing past and present

The exhibition looks back on a century of housing in Amsterdam from a contemporary perspective. The result is a critical reflection on housing past and present in the four districts where the local museums are located: the Van der Pekbuurt, De Baarsjes, Slotermeer, and the Oostelijk Havengebied. What problems are there now in the housing market and what are the solutions for them? The vision of experts provides us an insight.

Local residents also have their say about their neighbourhood. What attracted them to this neighbourhood in the first place and how is that now?

One of the most eye-catching exhibits in this richly varied section of the exhibition is the Wheel of (Mis)fortune, from the Amsterdam Museum’s own collection. This shows ten somewhat questionable ways in which young people can get housing in the capital in 2021. It paints a sad picture because, like it or not, everyone in Amsterdam is a winner or loser in the housing market lottery. The wheel was made by Hans de Tweede (b. 1997) and Tycho (b, 1994) for a huge protest in the Westerpark on 12 September 2021, in which over 10,000 people expressed their frustration at the city’s housing policies. Afterwards, the piece became part of the Amsterdam Museum’s collection.

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Open call: also suffering from the housing crisis?

For a new exhibition and video series on the housing crisis, we are looking for Amsterdammers with a special living situation. Are you a couchsurfer, student who can't move out his parents'house or do you still not have a house to buy?Are you suffering from the housing crisis?

Contact us via oproep@amsterdammuseum.nl and share your story (or if not sure, ask your questions). We will contact you within two weeks.

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Collecting the City #2

Until 2025, this is where the Amsterdam Museum and members of our vibrant city will present and “collect” the city. During that time, many neighborhood museums, community networks, local artists, and enthusiastic residents will share objects and stories about Amsterdam.

Every six months, new contributors are invited to showcase their ideas—whether that is a perspective on the past, a beautiful or painful moment in the present, or a vision of the city for the future. One permanent partner that will be occupying three rooms is the foundation of Museum om de Hoek, which includes 23 neighborhood museums scattered throughout Amsterdam.

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