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Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam?

The Indigenous Story Behind New York

16 May - 10 Nov 2024
Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel

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Amsterdam Museum and NH launch 24-part series

The new Amsterdam Museum

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ma 6 november 2023, 16:00 hour

Serie NH

City museum of the future

The Amsterdam Museum and NH have joined forces to produce a 24-part series on Amsterdam's city museum. The reason is the renovation of the Burgerweeshuis, the main location of the Amsterdam Museum since 1975. The series shows how, during the years of renovation, the museum develops in many ways as a city museum of the future.

The first season will include the history of the Civic Orphanage and the plans regarding the renovation. It also considers how the Amsterdam Museum is already committed to being the city museum of the future. This includes Panorama Amsterdam, the permanent collection presentation at the temporary location at the Amstel: how do you tell the history of a rich and diverse city like Amsterdam? It also offers a behind-the-scenes look at the exhibition Refresh Amsterdam #2: War & Conflict, which opened on October 7.

Artist in residence in het nieuwe Amsterdam Museum Beeld Absent Matter
Kindermuseum in het nieuwe Amsterdam Museum Beeld Absent Matter
Verhalenhuis in het nieuwe Amsterdam Museum Beeld Absent Matter
Visualisatie Meisjesbinnenplaats met ingang Stadshal en start van museumparcours Vero Visuals
Visualisatie Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal Vero Visuals



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Central position for Amsterdammers

The documentary series is an excellent opportunity to introduce the public to the work and ambitions of the Amsterdam Museum, said general director Judikje Kiers. 'With this series we hope to show the public what is involved in the ins and outs of a city museum. Central to this is our collaboration with Amsterdam residents throughout the city. In this way, we want to tell as many stories as possible, including those that have remained underexposed in the past. In the renovated Burgerweeshuis, this will soon be possible in the best possible way.'

Seeing the city through new eyes

NH director Robert-Jan de Boer is impressed by the many stories the Amsterdam Museum has to tell. 'The more you learn about the city, the more you notice when you walk through its streets. During the filming for this series, even I, as a real Amsterdammer, gain new knowledge. Thanks to that knowledge, I started to see the city with new eyes. With this series I hope to put those glasses on the viewer as well.'

To be seen from 12 November

The 24-part series can be seen weekly on the NH TV channel (Ziggo 707, KPN 508) and online from Sunday, November 12 at 5:10 p.m. onwards. The series will be broadcast over the next few years. A compilation of that year's six episodes will also be shown at the end of each year. To conclude the series, a summary feature-length documentary will be broadcast.

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