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House of Vineyard, 2023, Bete van Meeuwen

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Grand March

A Historic House through a Ballroom Lens

2 Dec - 26 May 2024
The Willet-Holthuysen House

    26 Nov 2023

    Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel

    Female Gaze Tour

    With Nasam Abboud

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    Nasam Abboud Yazan Maksoud en Roua Jafar Hobo The Traveling Pop Up Mosque, 2023

    26 Nov 2023

    Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel

    Tour Nasam Abboud

    On Sunday, November 26th, Nasam Abboud will give a Female Gaze Tour through Refresh #2: War & Conflict at the Amsterdam Museum. In this tour, Abboud will discuss her own exhibited work as well as the artworks by her fellow Refresh #2 artists.

    Language: English

    Nasam Abboud

    About Nasam Abboud

    Nasam Abboud is a Syrian visual and performance artist based in the Netherlands. She holds a BFA in Sculpture, gained at the Damascus University, and studied Arts & Culture at the UU. With her work, she conveys a political message concerning the in- and exclusion of human beings and advocates for cultural diversity. Abboud finds the true manifestation of both herself and her surroundings in her works of art.

    Practical information

    Date: 26 November
    Time: 11.30 till 12.30 hrs
    Location: Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel, Amstel 51, Amsterdam
    Language: English
    Price: free with a valid entrance ticket

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    Amsterdam Museum, 2022, fotograaf: Rachel Ecclestone

    Amsterdam Museum Female Gaze Tour, 2022, Rachel Ecclestone

    The Female Gaze Tours

    In our New Narratives, Female Gaze and Queer Gaze series, we invite guest guides from outside the museum to reflect on the presentations and collection of the Amsterdam Museum. Which stories about the city are being told in the museum, which stories remain invisible, and which stories should not be missing?

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    Nasam Abboud Yazan Maksoud en Roua Jafar Hobo The Traveling Pop Up Mosque, 2023

    Refresh Amsterdam #2

    How does past violence affect your life in the present? What do you pass on to future generations? Refresh Amsterdam #2 includes works by 20 artists from different disciplines, selected through an open call. Through their work, they demonstrate how wars and conflicts around the world and over time play a part in the city of Amsterdam.

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