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Model van slangbrandspuit met toebehoren Jan van der Heyden 1680 1725 inv nr KA 7468 foto Amsterdam Museum

Our collection

The Amsterdam Museum cares for more than 100,000 objects, collected over almost five centuries. In that time, a versatile collection has formed with a range of diverse objects, from regents portraits and cityscapes to the wedding rings from the world’s first same-sex marriage.

The collection also includes paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, books, furniture, textiles, glass, ceramics, medals, and handicrafts. In addition, the museum is responsible for art belonging to the municipality that is located elsewhere in the city, such as the portrait gallery in the Stadsschouwburg and the period rooms in the official mayor’s residence.

Expansion of the Collection

We regularly expand our collection in the interest of building on the collective memory of our city. We highlight important artistic and historic moments, allowing space for critical voices and unexpected perspectives. After all, the polyvocal story of Amsterdam is never finished.

To expand the collection, we often commission contemporary makers who can offer new perspectives and help us to build an ever more inclusive collection. We aim to portray what is happening, while it is happening. In this way, we remain relevant for the entire city as well as future generations.

Applying for a loan

The Amsterdam Museum gladly cooperates in realizing exhibitions at other museums, institutions, and organizations by loaning objects from the collection. Each year, the museum loans hundreds of works to national and international institutions. In order to make this procedure as efficient as possible, we request that any applications for loans follow the guidelines below.