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Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam?

The Indigenous Story Behind New York

16 May - 10 Nov 2024
Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel

    10 Feb 2024

    Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel

    Refresh Late

    Part two

    Nieuwsbrief refresh late

    10 Feb 2024

    Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel

    Evening program

    On Saturday February 10th from 7.30 PM to 11.00 PM, the Amsterdam Museum is organising the second edition of Refresh Late, a series of free evening openings with a special public program in the context of the exhibition Refresh #2: War and Conflict. The program elements are presented in English or Dutch.

    Please note: a reservation is obligatory.

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    Performance Residue, 2023, Francoise Bolechowski


    Amsterdam has been shaped in part by wars and their consequences. For centuries, the city has been a refuge for many. At the same time, the city has also contributed to war and oppression in various parts of the world. This combination results in a great diversity of residents. Many people carry war with them, even in Amsterdam. 

    During Refresh Late#2 there are various in-depth activities, including speedtours, a film program, a workshop and conversations with makers and thinkers about the themes and topics in the exhibition. In addition, various artists from Refresh will organise performances and a new installation by Tina Farifteh is presented called 'Me and You'. The program components are alternately in English and Dutch.

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    Beeld Makers Unite workshop


    Enter a world of creativity, interaction, and reflection

    ‘Makers Unite’ invites you to step out of your comfort zone and enter a world of creativity, interaction, and reflection. Explore challenging themes like war and conflict through the lens of creativity and non-verbal communication, delving into the importance of strengthening human connections during difficult times. Engage in intriguing conversations and share your insights with others. 

    The mission of Makers Unite is to support newcomers with access to the job market, through the joint design and production of sustainable products.

    Time: continuous from 8.00 PM

    BC 02429 16


    See various exhibitions in 30 minutes

    Allow the artists from Refresh and museum curators, including Imara Limon and Tom van der Molen, to take you on an incentive speed tour through the exhibition Refresh #2 War and Conflict or through the permanent collection Panorama of the Amsterdam Museum. A speed tour starts every half hour from 8.30 PM onwards. Registration and meeting point is at the audio tours station on the ground floor. The last tour departs at 10.30 PM.

    Time: 8.30 PM, 9.00 PM, 9.30 PM, 10.00 PM, 10.30 PM (starting time)

    Refresh Late, 2023, fotograaf: Francoise Bolechowski.

    Movies That Matter

    Short films about war and conflict

    In collaboration with Movies that Matter, the Amsterdam Museum curates a selection of short movies that give depth around the themes war and conflict.

    Movies That Matter is a platform that presents films about urgent social themes. They do this, among other things, through the annual Movies that Matter Festival, educational screenings for students and pupils and organising events.

    Time: continuous from 8.00 PM

    Beeld Performance Residue cc Francoise Bolechowski

    Work by Elena Khurtova and Anika Schwarzlose, 2023, photographer: Francoise Bolechowski.


    Elena Khurtova and Anika Schwarzlose perform their installation

    Coming from different fields of art and research, such as photography, performance and installation, the practices of Elena Khurtova and Anika Schwarzlose intertwine for the collaborative project Residue. During this performance, Elena and Anika apply earth in a chemical solution to the textiles in their installation, so that these images will slowly change. According to the artists, this is a way to make visible the impact of the 'toxic heritage and ghosts of war'.

    Time: 8.30 PM – 9.00 PM

    Refresh Late, 2023, photographer: Francoise Bolechowski.

    Refresh Late, 2023, photographer: Francoise Bolechowski.

    We Sell Reality

    Looking back on a series of memorials

    The collective 'We Sell Reality' has organised three different memorials at FramerFramed, Sexyland and the Amsterdam Museum as part of the exhibition 'Refresh: War and Conflict'. Through an interactive presentation, the collective reflects on this series of memorials, which brought people together to process the impact of war, conflict and violence.

    Time: 8.00 PM - 8.30 PM

    Diner Wereldhuis, 2023, Het Wereldhuis

    Diner Wereldhuis, 2023, Het Wereldhuis


    Join a special dinner at The Wereldhuis

    In collaboration with Het Wereldhuis, you can share a two course vegetarian meal for 15 euro with people without a residence permit before the start of the program for a reasonable price. The Wereldhuis is actively committed to making a positive contribution to the lives of undocumented people in Amsterdam. It is a place of encounters and exchange, where undocumented people can turn for information and advice, education and culture. By sitting down together and engaging in conversation, we believe in the power of meeting and exchange.

    Please sign up through the link below if you want to attend.

    Time: 5.30 PM walk-in, start dinner 6.00 PM – 7.30 PM
    Location: Nieuwe Herengracht 18, 1018 DP Amsterdam

    I want to attend the dinner
    Refresh Late, 2023, fotograaf: Francoise Bolechowski.

    Meet the Makers

    Join in on the conversation

    During the public evening opening there will be moderated conversations with makers from the Refresh #2: War and Conflict exhibition as well as other experts and thinkers. One of the moderated conversations is with Tina Farifteh, who talks about the power of empathy and her new artwork 'Me and You', which recently found a place in the Amsterdam Museum.

    Time: continuous from 8.00 PM


    Children's artists about their city

    What does freedom sound, smell or look like?

    What is freedom? And what does freedom sound, smell or look like? The exhibition Freedom: children's artists about their city focuses on the imagination of freedom by Amsterdam children. Visit the exhibition and meet the guiding artists to discover what this future generation thinks about their city and the theme of freedom.

    Time: continuous from 8.00 PM, meet the artists between 9.00 and 10.00 PM

    2023, Francoise Bolechowski

    2023, Francoise Bolechowski

    Space for Reflection

    In early October, the exhibition Refresh Amsterdam #2: War & Conflict opened, and shortly thereafter, this theme gained renewed relevance and became even clearer: war is here and now. It has a tremendous impact on today’s society.

    The Amsterdam Museum is deeply shocked by the intense violence against so many innocent civilians in the Palestinian territories and Israel. We express our heartfelt sympathy to their families and other relatives. We also sincerely empathise with the many Amsterdam residents affected by this tragedy.

    The Amsterdam Museum tries to be present in this difficult time, by providing a space where all residents and visitors of Amsterdam can come together and relate with each other. We offer space for reflection, believing in the healing power of art, heritage, and stories.

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