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In collaboration with contemporary makers and residents from the city, we reflect on our shared heritage and create the heritage of the future in part through our public programming. Our various programs for adults initiate and facilitate conversations about art, ideas, and makers. We also highlight social and cultural topics. Whether you are looking for a more in-depth experience or simply entertainment, everyone is welcome to participate.

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Public program

Looking ahead

Striving for a deeper involvement among Amsterdam’s various groups, we organize a varied public program at our different locations, from weekend tours and talks to evening openings with film screenings, workshops, performances, and discussions. Corresponding with the museum’s goal in 2025 to remain open three evenings a week at the renovated building on the Kalverstraat, the frequency of programming will only increase. During the time at our temporary home at Amstel 51, our public program will also take the form of summer festivals, organized in collaboration with various institutions in the city.

Public programming

In the coming years we will develop new programming directions and increase the range of programs, enabling us to give visitors even more insight into developments in the city. This means bringing diverse groups and communities together and responding to the need for multivocality, inclusion, and placemaking.

From, by, and for everyone

We believe that we share ownership of the collection with the city and its residents. We emphasize this by, for example, offering our locations to various collaborative partners. In doing so, we make our museum part of a larger, Amsterdam whole.