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18 feb, 29 april and 3 sep
Amstel 51

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Together with fashion designers Karim Adduchi and Tess van Zalinge, the Amsterdam Museum presents the exhibition Continue This Thread. The exhibition focuses on the power of needlework techniques. In co-production with fashion heritage platform Modemuze we invite you to join us in a series of events around the exhibition. Get ready for speed tours, workshops and talks and explore three themes: healing, expression and connection.

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18 Feb | Thread #1: Needle and thread as medicine?

In times of conflict, loneliness and mourning, crafts can be an outlet for many people. The repetitive actions give a sense of calm and the so-called 'knitting therapy' releases happiness hormones like dopamine. Can we prescribe crafts as medicine? In Thread #1, we explore the healing powers of crafts. From lectures by Indian 'clothing surgeons' (Rafoogars live from India) to a spa experience by the Feminist Handicrafts Party in which you are invited to fix mindfull.

On Saturday 18 February, Thread #1 takes place:

  • Two short lectures in collaboration with Modemuze. One by Lipika Bansal founder of Textiel Factorij. And a talk by the healing power of knitting and crochet from a medical perspective.
  • Speedtours Continue This Thread by curator Roberto Luis Martins and exhibition designer Quita Schabracq.
  • 'Healing clothes' workshop by Feministisch Handwerk Partij (FHP). The FHP is a political feminist artists' movement dedicated to studying, repairing, speaking, patching, unloving and mending. The FHP aims to bring restoration to the disturbed relationship to our immediate environment and to a damaged world as a whole. Repairing textiles plays an important role in this: it is an exercise in slowing down, embodying and transforming.
    Bring something to repair from yourself or a loved one and put the technique into practice right away.
Practical information:
  • Date: 18 February
  • Time: 14.00 - 17.00 uur
  • Location: Amsterdam Museum, Amstel 51
  • Language: Dutch
  • Price: 10 euro
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About Continue This Thread. Karim Adduchi x Tess van Zalinge

Embroidery, knitting, and crochet: techniques of the past? These crafts are finding their way back onto the catwalk, into the streets and on social media. It connects, gives strength and helps express emotions. In Continue This Thread, Amsterdam-based fashion designers Karim Adduchi (1988) and Tess van Zalinge (1989) explore the power of craftsmanship as guest curators. Starting from their own vision, they make connections between the collection of the Amsterdam Museum, work by Amsterdam makers and complement it with their own creations.