New Collection Narratives

Amsterdam Rainbow Dress

29 March 2022, 20.30 uur
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K BC 02062 146

New Collection Narratives: Amsterdam Rainbow Dress

The exhibition Maison Amsterdam - the city, fashion and freedom includes the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress. In this episode of New Collection Narratives, we look at various aspects of this object. Curator Ninke Bloemberg talks about the choices she made in setting up the dress and also with Dymfke van Lanen (COC Amsterdam) and Sorab Roustayer (programmer and founder of Fite Qlub) we reflect on the set up of the Rainbow Dress in the exhibition.

With our studio guests Arnout van Krimpen (Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation) and Isjed Hussain (director Prisma Group Foundation) we will further discuss the various aspects of the dress: its history, authenticity, and how we as a museum can do justice to the multiple voices and perspectives of those involved with this issue and the inhabitants of the city.

New Narratives is a program line of the Amsterdam Museum with the aim of becoming an increasingly inclusive city museum. We do this through public programs, but also through knowledge exchange in front of and behind the scenes around themes such as diversity, language use, and museum innovation.

You can view the episode below.