Odeuropa’s City Sniffers


Tours 19 & 26 okt
Starting point Amsterdam Museum aan de Amstel


Explore the lost scents of Amsterdam with Odeuropa's smell walk

Join us at the 19th or 26th of October for a self-guided, urban smell tour titled City Sniffers: A smell tour of Amsterdam’s ecohistory. The tour follows one path of six stops with scents and stories within the city. Using a free phone application to navigate, developed by Odeuropa researchers, participants walk around smelling and exploring stories connected to the present history of Amsterdam.

The tour also includes the smells of the city’s past via a Rub’n’Sniff map containing five emblematic aromas. These include the stench of canals, rosemary, the scent of the civet cat in connection to historic perfumes, the fragrance of linden trees and a reconstruction of the smell of a pomander, a perfumed jewel used to protect from disease during the plague. Overall, the tour will explore narratives around colonial histories, transportation and industry within Amsterdam.

Inger Leemans, the Odeuropa project’s principal investigator, will give a tour on October 19th in Dutch and Sofia Ehrich, art historian and academic researcher on the Odeuropa project, will give a tour on October 26th in English.

Two different tours

Praktische informatie

Dates: Wednesday 19th & 26th of October
15.30 - 16.30
Amsterdam Museum, Amstel 51
Dutch (October 19th) & English (October 26th)

All participants will be asked to fill out a 15 minute questionnaire upon completing the tour